This is a casual little podcast that Ben and Phil started doing in 2012. The initial idea was to get a few guests on the show and ask them about “goings on” in the world of PHP.

There are a lot of smart, interesting and funny people out there in the PHP community, and we want to put a face on them, and get the community the answers they need without randomly stumbling across the right blog post.

Ben Edmunds


Ben is a bit of a nomad. He moves around so much, intentionally trying to trick Phil who is completely unable to handle timezones. The best guess at where Ben is right now involves a dart-board and a map of the United States, but Alabama or New York are fairly safe bets.

Ben is into good coffee, food, binge watching TV shows, and comics books.


Ben has been creating things with code for over a decade. In that time he’s done everything from server administration to robotics programming. Currently his focus is web and mobile development as the CTO of a boutique software consultancy.

He’s the author of Building Secure PHP Apps, and is on the steering committee and security boards for the CodeIgniter PHP framework. He speaks at half a dozen or so conferences a year about various development topics, mainly PHP and Javascript.

Phil Sturgeon


Phil used to wander the globe a fair bit to get the hell out of his home-town on the outskirts of Bristol, UK, but has since set up camp in New York. Phil’s whole thing is bikes, turtles, cider and doing really dangerous stuff. He’s terrible at skydiving, keeps a “Nearly Killed Cycling in NYC” log which is remarkably full, and has broken more bones than he can name.

When he’s not deported or in hospital, he’s training for the next long distance charity bike ride, or trying to find cider in NYC that isn’t completely awful.


Phil used to contribute to the PHP-FIG, The League of Extraordinary Packages, PHP The Right Way, CodeIgniter, FuelPHP, PyroCMS and a bunch of other stuff, but gave it all up to focus on new challenges in NYC; originally working as CTO of a tech-startup that since went beeswax (not his fault), and now building APIs at Ride.

Just like Ben, Phil has put a bunch of words together to resemble a book, authoring Build APIs You Won’t Hate, and speaks about API stuff and his open-source experience at conferences on a regular basis.