Previous Episodes

  • Episode 58: Startup Lyfe - Part 1

    - Amanda Folson and Ben Edmunds are joined by Mike Wales, Chris Boden, and Daniel Cousineau to discuss working at and founding startups.
  • Episode 57: APIs, Conferences, API Conferences, and Horrible Flights

    - Matt Trask and Ben Edmunds are joined by Tessa Mero to discuss their conference organizing experience and the conferences they are putting on in the coming months.
  • Episode 56: GraphQL is better than REST

    - Amanda Folson and Ben Edmunds are joined by Phil Sturgeon to discuss what’s new in the world of API development.
  • Episode 55: The Hardest Problem in Software

    - Amanda Folson and Ben Edmunds are joined by Mike Wales and Michael Lopp to discuss the hardest problem in software - people.
  • Episode 54: Conferences and Stuff

    - Amanda Folson and Ben Edmunds are joined by Daniel Cousineau, Tracy Hinds, Ian Littman, and Matt Trask to discuss the good, bad, and ugly of conference organizing.
  • Episode 53: Developer Relations, Travel, and Bedbugs with Jessica Rose

    - Amanda Folson and Ben Edmunds are joined by Jessica Rose to discuss developer relations, travel, and bedbugs.
  • Episode 52: What Do We Do Now?

    - Amanda Folson officially takes the co-host reins! We ease you in to the transition by Ben grilling… ahem… interviewing Amanda a bit so you can get to know her better.
  • Episode 51: Good Riddance

    - In this episode Ben and Phil discuss what’s new in their pathetic little lives, the state of the PHP-FIG, and bid an ecstatic.. ahem.. sad farewell to Phil as he departs the podcast. Starting with Episode 51 Amanda Folson will be taking over as co-host. Ben is staying so don’t worry, we know he’s your favorite.
  • Episode 50: Low down on PSR-15

    - An all star cast this episode, as Ben and Phil are joined by regular guest Anthony Ferrara - thinker of good ideas and long-time part-time side-line contributor to the PHP-FIG, Woody Gilk - one-speed rider & BDFL of Kohana, and Beau Simensen - author of a bunch of stuff including StackPHP.
  • Episode 49: Async and Stuff

    - The notes for this episode were lost when Phil spilt some really hipster orange juice over his laptop and bricked the whole thing. We do remember that returning guest Chris Boden and Chris Pitt swing by to talk async in PHP.

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