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  • Episode 36: PSR-7 and The World of Tomorrow

    - Two awesome guests join this week, from two different framework projects, both who have been very vocal about their interest in PSR-7: HTTP Message. These two chaps were Hari K T and Matthew Weier O’Phinney.
  • Episode 35: Developer to CTO and Back

    - The grass is always greener on the other side, but we have a little talk with Gary Hockin and regular guest Jacques Woodcock about the pros and cons of going up and down the chain of command in the developer world. After all, it doesn’t just need to be a one-way street.
  • Episode 34: /dev/hell Mashup

    - This is a big one. We’ve had Chris “The Grumpy Programmer” Hartjes and Ed “The Grumpy Podcaster” Finkler on our show before, but this time they both join us for a mashup!
  • Episode 33: CakePHP, Monga and RFCs

    - This episode we’re joined by two two top CakePHPers Jose Diaz-Gonzalez and Bryan Crowe.
  • Episode 32: Ben and Phil Catch Up

    - This week Ben and Phil take some time to catch up on each others lives and let you listen in. Ben doesn’t remember how to code. Phil is leaving PHP for Rails. They’re both moving again.
  • Episode 31: The One about Hot Dogs

    - This week Ben and Phil are joined last minute by repeat guests Kayla Daniels and Matt Frost.
  • Episode 30: Specs, Implementations, and New Engines OH MY!

    - This week Ben and Phil are joined by core PHP developer extraordinaires Andrea Faulds and Levi Morrison.
  • Episode 29: Dont Mention PHP 6 v PHP 7

    - This week Ben and Phil are joined by long distance target shooter Paul M. Jones and the handsome man that is Daniel Lowrey, to talk about a whole bunch of PHP relating things.
  • Episode 28: Loosley Coupled Mashup

    - In this episode, Ben and Phil join forces with Loosely Coupled to talk about Open Source, burn out and briefly discuss their favorite open source projects. Jeff was out of action for a lot of it due to unexpected wifi troubles (in San Francisco of all places) so he sadly did not get to take part as much as he would have liked.
  • Episode 27: Josh Lockhart and Jeremy Mikola

    - This episode is a long one, but we are back to improved audio and the video is not just one dude eating pzza for an hour. Josh Lockhart of PHP The Right Way and Slim fame, and Jeremy Mikola who is well known for banging on about clouds and playing magic the gathering. Oh, he also works for MongoDB.

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