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  • Episode 43: Midnight Express

    - Your two favourite PHP developers are joined this episode by Emir Karşıyakalı off of PHPKonf and IstanbulPHP.
  • Episode 42: Paul and Vance

    - After a little hiatus Phil and Ben back at it, joined this time by Paul Dragoonis and Vance Lucas.
  • Episode 41: Loosely Town Hall - Dallas Edition

    - This episode is brought to you from thunderstruck Dallas, as part of the awesome conference that is Lone Star PHP. We are joined once again by the dynamic duo Jeff Carouth and Matt Frost off of the Loosely Coupled podcast!
  • Episode 40: Return of the Ferrara

    - Regular guest Anthony Ferrara joins us “in the studio” to talk about the new version of his scalar type hints, which since recording - a f**king month ago - has been accepted for PHP 7.
  • Episode 39: Hi Josh!

    - Phil and Ben catch up with Josh Lockhart who has been on the show a few times before.
  • Episode 38: Weak, Strict or Go Home?

    - With the vote for Strict Types in the balance, we have a chat with two core contributors about why they are for or against this RFC. On one side, Andrea Faulds, who wrote the RFC. On the other, Levi Morrison, who is responsible for one of PHP 7’s greatest features yet: return type hints.
  • Episode 37: Sunshine Round-Hall? Town-Table?

    - We all know that SunshinePHP is one of the PHP communities finest conferences. It attends an amazing group of people, wonderful speakers and Rasmus usually pops in for a drive-by-keynote.
  • Episode 36: PSR-7 and The World of Tomorrow

    - Two awesome guests join this week, from two different framework projects, both who have been very vocal about their interest in PSR-7: HTTP Message. These two chaps were Hari K T and Matthew Weier O’Phinney.
  • Episode 35: Developer to CTO and Back

    - The grass is always greener on the other side, but we have a little talk with Gary Hockin and regular guest Jacques Woodcock about the pros and cons of going up and down the chain of command in the developer world. After all, it doesn’t just need to be a one-way street.
  • Episode 34: /dev/hell Mashup

    - This is a big one. We’ve had Chris “The Grumpy Programmer” Hartjes and Ed “The Grumpy Podcaster” Finkler on our show before, but this time they both join us for a mashup!

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