PHP Town Hall

Phil, Ben and a super-star guest answer questions and talk about current events in the PHP world.

Episode 26: Hello Front Range!

The Front Range PHP user-group joins the show as a live audience for the episode 26, in a new crazy bonus format which Phil thought might be fun. The idea of the episode is for people to generally pick our brain about PHP and code and tech and things. It kinda worked but the sound quality was terrible. Sorry about that folks.

They ask us a bunch of questions about how we got started in PHP.

  • Picking a framework that would last 10 years for enterprise?
  • How to migrate from CodeIgniter to Laravel?
  • What do you use for integration tests?

The video provides great insight into what you lot look like when you’re sat at a user group shoving pizza into your face, which we thought might be different for our viewers. That might also be a lie, and we accidentally left it on the wrong camera, but hey… there is a MP3 version too.

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