With the vote for Strict Types in the balance, we have a chat with two core contributors about why they are for or against this RFC. On one side, Andrea Faulds, who wrote the RFC. On the other, Levi Morrison, who is responsible for one of PHP 7’s greatest features yet: return type hints.

The intention here was to discuss the Scalar Type Hint RFC v0.3, which was the one that went to vote. The vote was ongoing at the time, but was since pulled as Andrea quit.

We wont be putting the audio for this version online, because the conversation ended up being very reliant on a complex example posted on the hangout. The conversation was coimplex as exmplaining these things can be quite difficult, and we ended up making the feature sound more complex than it was. Luckily it has since been simplified and is onto v0.5, which is a much stronger RFC taking care of peoples concerns.

Watch the video if you are interested in learning more about the idea of why weak and strict should be available in PHP, and we’ll get back to being a podcast next episode.