Trying out a slightly more professional format with questions, Phil manages to avoid talking over everyone. Winner!

This show has a history of talking about FIG stuff as it is hard to avoid. The group is working on so much cool stuff and prominent figures of the community are involved. We got two more prominent figures, who also happen to be involved with FIG stuff: Beau Simensen lead developer of Sculpin and Michael Dowling lead developer of the wonderful HTTP library Guzzle, who also works at AWS on their PHP SDK.

We discussed each of their projects, some of the plans for the future, specifically whats coming up in Guzzle 4 and how that all ties in with the new PSR-7: HTTP Message, currently in “Draft” status. Conveniently Beau, Michael and Phil are the three FIG members who make up the working group for PSR-7 who will all be working to get this “Accepted”.

See, it all fits!

What are your thoughts on using Bash as a provisioner? Why or why not use it? – Edmund Zynda

Thoughts on the new github Atom editor – Matthew Reschke

Beau & Michael, you’ve both been managing open source packages (OSP) for a few years. What’s the best and worst part of managing an OSP? – Jeremy Lindblom

@Michael do you think a simple HTTP Server interface would fit PSR-7? That would be a good replacement for StackPHP, no? – Marco Pivetta

I’m curious about how this HTTP client relates to the pecl/http extension. There’s been talk in the past of including that extension in the core. – Ben Ramsey

What different circumstances dictate how long a PSR takes to get from proposal to blessed by FIG? – Edmund Zynda

So, plenty for you folks to watch here on the YouTube video!