This episode is a long one, but we are back to improved audio and the video is not just one dude eating pzza for an hour. Josh Lockhart of PHP The Right Way and Slim fame, and Jeremy Mikola who is well known for banging on about clouds and playing magic the gathering. Oh, he also works for MongoDB.

Warning: Puns and occasional swears.

Some projects have been discovering they use language which can be offensive like master/slave. How do they deal with it, and how should they deal with it?

We ask Joshua what the plans for are for Slim 3, and talk a bit about the differences between Slim and Silex. We also ask him about the history of PHP The Right Way: how it got started and how it has evolved over time with contributions and huge efforts from the PHP community.

Phil rants about illuminate/pagination having hard dependencies and tries to make excuses up for not sending a pull request, then comically days later caves and sends a pull request.

The whole gang discuss difficulties of managing pull requests, covering how to handle the expectations of the pull “requester” and the pull “requestee”, how to handle feedback and a few other bits and bobs.

This is a fairly chunky episode but these guests were long overdue, and they’re such nice guys we had to chat and answer as many questions as we could.

The video is less edited than the audio, so download and listen for a slightly shorter and more relevant version.