In this episode, Ben and Phil join forces with Loosely Coupled to talk about Open Source, burn out and briefly discuss their favorite open source projects. Jeff was out of action for a lot of it due to unexpected wifi troubles (in San Francisco of all places) so he sadly did not get to take part as much as he would have liked.

Questions this time around:

How do you deal nicely with someone who’s too reliant on you for solving problems and is too quick to ask you rather than figure it out themselves? – TazeTSchnitzel

How do you guys explain OSS to non tech people? My wife finds it strange that I do work for “free” – Chuck Reeves

As a contractor, how do you feel about “OSS” clauses (that your work can/will be open sourced) in contracts? – Davey Shafik

If you aren’t following Jeff and Matt then definitely go and do that:

The video is less edited than the audio, so download and listen for a slightly shorter and more relevant version.