User-group and meet-up organizer Jenny Wong swings by for a chat about the PHP RFC for a Code of Conduct.

Whilst all three of us think a Code of Conduct is a good idea, we talk through some of the various for and against reasoning that people have, and try to outline the logical failures behind some of the FUD being spread around during this discussion.

We cover a few things, from the intent of a Code of Conduct, explain it’s reach is not as scary as many seem to think, outline a few things that a Code of Conduct does not try to do, and talk about some of the problems minorities have at conferences and online which could be simplified over time with a useful CoC.

This is one of our best episodes yet. Even if you hate Phil and think he’s turned into some sort of social justice warrior white knighting whatever, listen to this and see if the conversation is starting to make more sense to you.

The goal here is to open a few minds, and bring people to the table so a useful conversation can be had, instead of the usual reaction to Code of Conducts which is immediate screaming into the keyboard, mashing out wall-o-text’s about freedom of speech, and assuming people are only interested in inclusivity to impress women…

We can make our community a better place, and Jenny has a few tips on how you can help with that goal.