This was a tricky episode where we talk about some big genuine issues that affect PHP developers around the world, and we talked a lot about a t-shirt.

After Chris Hartjes cheated on his /dev/hell podcast by joining us in Episode 3, Chris' partner in crime Ed "Funkatron" Finkler decided to get revenge and come on the show.

Our other guest Miko Federmann is a brilliant PHP and C developer who is a friend of Phil and Ben. She joins us on the show to discuss the recent hullabaloo known as "PHPness Gate" and the obviously connected issue of sexism in the industry.

The second half of the show is Ed talking through how he personally deals with some of his own issues and gives tips to how other people can do the same.

Next month we'll be back to bitching about something, telling you about new awesome PHP projects and using lots of swears, promise!