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Episode 53: Developer Relations, Travel, and Bedbugs with Jessica Rose

Amanda Folson and Ben Edmunds are joined by Jessica Rose to discuss developer relations, travel, and bedbugs.

Episode 52: What Do We Do Now?

Amanda Folson officially takes the co-host reins! We ease you in to the transition by Ben grilling… ahem… interviewing Amanda a bit so you can get to know her better.

Episode 51: Good Riddance

In this episode Ben and Phil discuss what’s new in their pathetic little lives, the state of the PHP-FIG, and bid an ecstatic.. ahem.. sad farewell to Phil as he departs the podcast. Starting with Episode 51 Amanda Folson will be taking over as co-host. Ben is staying so don’t worry, we know he’s your favorite. Phil, Thanks for 51 fucking fantastic episodes, 5 years of podcasting together, way too much booze, and a lot of fun.

Episode 50: Low down on PSR-15

An all star cast this episode, as Ben and Phil are joined by regular guest Anthony Ferrara - thinker of good ideas and long-time part-time side-line contributor to the PHP-FIG, Woody Gilk - one-speed rider & BDFL of Kohana, and Beau Simensen - author of a bunch of stuff including StackPHP. Here we’re talking about some awesome stuff the PHP-FIG is working on: PSR-15 (HTTP Middleware). This PSR is in Draft mode, and is potentially not as well known about as some others. There was a bit of a cuffufle getting it started as before it had even passed an entrance vote there were alternatives and rewrites suggested, but now the major players are on the same page and things are moving forward. We discuss all this, and the reason PSR-7 (HTTP Message) is not enough for the ecosystem to benefit from shareable middleware. Jumping away from PSR-15 for a second there is an interesting bit of insight into why the PHP-FIG didn’t just slap a “PSR” sticker on Symfony’s HTTP Kernel or HTTP Foundation. Woody provides a bit of the decision-making process in a very tricky aspect of the FIGs job, which is: should standards be built entirely to match existing implementations, or should standards try to improve on the learnings of the existing implementations to better them all as implementations change to support the standard. It’s all a bit chicken and egg, but a very worthy discussion to have. All About Middleware - Anthony posts about PHP HTTP Middleware Why Care About PHP Middleware? - Summary of the initial Anthony vs Woody approaches and background on the HTTP middleware concept StackPHP - Composing HttpKernelInterface middlewares since 2013! Equip - Equip is a tiny and powerful PHP micro-framework created and maintained by the engineering team at When I Work

Episode 49: Async and Stuff

The notes for this episode were lost when Phil spilt some really hipster orange juice over his laptop and bricked the whole thing. We do remember that returning guest Chris Boden and Chris Pitt swing by to talk async in PHP. In a future episode we’ll probably talk about data backup strategies. Benchmarking Codswallop: NodeJS vs PHP - An oldie but a goody, why NodeJS isn’t magically better at async than PHP Ratchet - WebSockets for PHP A Case for Async PHP - Chris Pitt wrote about this stuff on Medium icicle.io - Write asynchronous code using synchronous coding techniques in PHP

Episode 48: Code of Conduct

User-group and meet-up organizer Jenny Wong swings by for a chat about the PHP RFC for a Code of Conduct. Whilst all three of us think a Code of Conduct is a good idea, we talk through some of the various for and against reasoning that people have, and try to outline the logical failures behind some of the FUD being spread around during this discussion. We cover a few things, from the intent of a Code of Conduct, explain it’s reach is not as scary as many seem to think, outline a few things that a Code of Conduct does not try to do, and talk about some of the problems minorities have at conferences and online which could be simplified over time with a useful CoC. This is one of our best episodes yet. Even if you hate Phil and think he’s turned into some sort of social justice warrior white knighting whatever, listen to this and see if the conversation is starting to make more sense to you. The goal here is to open a few minds, and bring people to the table so a useful conversation can be had, instead of the usual reaction to Code of Conducts which is immediate screaming into the keyboard, mashing out wall-o-text’s about freedom of speech, and assuming people are only interested in inclusivity to impress women… We can make our community a better place, and Jenny has a few tips on how you can help with that goal.

Episode 47: SunshinePHP Town Stack Hall Radio

Another SunshinePHP, and another rotating panel of excellent guests talking about stuff like podcasting, making a bit of money on the side from projects like books and whatnot, and we get some folks on to cover the FIG Secretary positions, which will hopefully help the FIG solve their identity problems. Oh and Ben Marks was definitely talking about Magento again.

Episode 46: Christmas Theraphpy

Ben and Phil have a little catch-up to try and get things back on track after a little 2015 lag. Basically this episode is just Sober Phil having a massive vent about how daft some people are on the Internet. For some reason he accidentally read some /r/lolphp and got into an argument about how they think that PHP 7 is purely a cosmetic change. This was a good excuse to re-emphisize what an awesome set of fundamental changes PHP 7 really was. Ben and Phil then discuss the FIGs identity crisis before Phil goes off on another ramble about that. We’ll cover that better on later episodes!

Episode 45: Live from PNWPHP

Live from PNWPHP ‘15, Ben and Phil are joined by guests Ben Marks, Yitzchok Willroth and later we are joined by returning guest Sara Golemon who popped in to talk about HHVM/Hack while Phil played waiter for the rest of the episode. Ben talks about Magento and some of his conference traveling madness, as does Yitz, who got trapped in a hotel for a whole weekend due to some interesting combination of Jewish holidays and an argument over the interational date line in New Zealand. Phil also tells us all about his NZ speeding ticket, mowing down possums like it’s Carmageddon, and makes a few terrible jokes because he’s scarily sober.

Episode 44: API Madness!

Listen to API pros Amanda Folson and Mike Stowe talk about API versioning, RAML, and all sorts of interesting API stuff. Phil ended up having a listen to this after the fact, and found it awesome! This episode is probably better for him not being there, as there are some opinions that didn’t initially match his, but they’re really interesting and make him reconsider a few things.

Episode 43: Midnight Express

Your two favourite PHP developers are joined this episode by Emir Karşıyakalı off of PHPKonf and IstanbulPHP. Istanbul is not only a beautiful and awesome city, but it’s got a thriving PHP community too, who are currently hosting a whole bunch of PHP stars for their annual conference. Once again we promised to get this up before the conference to advertise it, and we’re releasing this audio version the night before, but what can we say… we’re shit at this.

Episode 42: Paul and Vance

After a little hiatus Phil and Ben back at it, joined this time by Paul Dragoonis and Vance Lucas. Paul does some fairly call stuff, manages the PPI framework and contributes to building the actual PHP.net website, the poor sod. Paul is also the winner in the “PHP developers from the UK who are hard to understand” contest two years running, only beating Phil to the title due to being slightly better at handling his booze. Vance works at NetSuite and has open-sourced a bunch of code things, most notably phpdotenv and frisby. We all have a little natter, share some of our horror stories from projects including PHP.net, and talk about Phil’s recent blog post about how hard it is to be a famous PHP rockstar guru.

Episode 41: Loosely Town Hall - Dallas Edition

This episode is brought to you from thunderstruck Dallas, as part of the awesome conference that is Lone Star PHP. We are joined once again by the dynamic duo Jeff Carouth and Matt Frost off of the Loosely Coupled podcast! We mostly make a bunch of bad jokes then drag up the audience to talk about stuff. Lets be honest, this was a bit of a crapshoot, but Elizabeth Smith goes into some detail on PECL and the problems of ownership. PSR-7 is chatted about for the 19th time and Jordi talks a bit about pickles. Also, we debate “haytch” vs. “atch” as the correct pronunciation of the “H” in HTTP. Important stuff. Audio only this time folks!

Episode 40: Return of the Ferrara

Regular guest Anthony Ferrara joins us “in the studio” to talk about the new version of his scalar type hints, which since recording - a f**king month ago - has been accepted for PHP 7. We thought it would be good to have a bit of a chat about the feature, the nonsense that surrounded it and a bunch of other random internals and PHP 7 related blathering.

Episode 39: Hi Josh!

Phil and Ben catch up with Josh Lockhart who has been on the show a few times before. Josh is involved in some great projects and interested in some new tools, which all kinda wind in together. PHP, FIG, League, etc. Josh joined the FIG PSR-7 which is gonna be used in Slim 3 New Stuff in Slim PHP 3.0 The new league/uploads project - more info on the League mailing list We touch on a few topics, and really this one is just a fun fluid chat with a really relaxed guest.

Episode 37: Sunshine Round-Hall? Town-Table?

We all know that SunshinePHP is one of the PHP communities finest conferences. It attends an amazing group of people, wonderful speakers and Rasmus usually pops in for a drive-by-keynote. Every conference Phil or Ben attend has some vague promise of “yeah we’ll probably try and do a recording there or something,” but this SunshinePHP we actually did it, all thanks to the wonderful Sammy K off of PHP Roundtable. The topic this time around was that of APIs, and we were joined by an all star panel: Sara Golemon Josh Lockart Eryn O’Neil Matthew Weier O’Phinney Davey Shafik Mike Stowe Watch this. It’s hilarious. Shownotes are lacking, because we clearly weren’t writing anything down.

Episode 36: PSR-7 and The World of Tomorrow

Two awesome guests join this week, from two different framework projects, both who have been very vocal about their interest in PSR-7: HTTP Message. These two chaps were Hari K T and Matthew Weier O’Phinney. Now PSR chats can be a little boring when its about autoloading or tabs v bloody spaces, but this PSR could have some really big impact on the way you write PHP over the next few years. We talk a bunch about Aura and Zend and their plans around middlewares, what motivated Matthew to get involved with taking over PSR-7, what middlewares mean for PHP in general and some of the concerns that have been fixed in recent iterations of the PSR like mutability, streams, etc. There also a bit of chat about turtles, standing desks and broken ribs, while Phil slowly goes loopy on pain killers. 7PHP Interview with Josh Lockhart - “The Guy Behind ‘PHP The Right Way’ – Find Good Online Resources And Communities & Use Them To Your Advantage” Experimenting on a different Framework - Hari writes about experimenting with bits of Symfony together via Composer packages PSR-7 By Example - Matt wrote up some examples of PSR-7 in use StackPHP - Composing HttpKernelInterface middlewares since 2013! Stacker - Larry Garfield’s StackPHP-like implementation of PSR-7

Episode 34: /dev/hell Mashup

This is a big one. We’ve had Chris “The Grumpy Programmer” Hartjes and Ed “The Grumpy Podcaster” Finkler on our show before, but this time they both join us for a mashup! We talk about the perils of being opinionated people speaking in public. Chris basically just says fuck Reddit and all of its minions of evil, and Phil gives a bit of insight into why he gets stuck in so many arguments. We move on to chatting about PHP, and how people feel about a strong new demand for more async features. Is it better to leave that to other tools, or should we try and fit some into the language itself, and the ecosystem around it? The last chunk of this podcast ends with a discussion around CodeIgniter 3.0 supporting PHP 5.2 and up. Should it be higher? Is it feckless to release like this? Should this be a documentation change to warn users away or a hard change to make it not even work there? Also, who has the best beard? Hint: it isn’t Phil. Api Blueprint Apiary Dredd ReactPHP Hack’s Async stuff PHP-FIG PyroCMS On PHP Version Requirements

Episode 35: Developer to CTO and Back

The grass is always greener on the other side, but we have a little talk with Gary Hockin and regular guest Jacques Woodcock about the pros and cons of going up and down the chain of command in the developer world. After all, it doesn’t just need to be a one-way street. We also talk about a few general bits, like whether PHP 5.7 should have happened, should we cry over spilled constructors and Gary bangs on for ages about how Waterfall is better than Agile.

Episode 33: CakePHP, Monga and RFCs

This episode we’re joined by two two top CakePHPers Jose Diaz-Gonzalez and Bryan Crowe. Ben is AWOL, Phil is insanely jet-lagged and has no idea what he is talking about. Our awesome guests try their best to carry Phil through the show, where we discuss exciting new stuff happening with CakePHP, and what we think of a few current RFCs being discussed in PHP land. We also talk a bit about Monga, a League package which Bryan has now assumed the role of project lead. It took a while to get this one out, but the next recording will be December 28th and it’s going to be a Christmas mash-up with /dev/hell. Now that Phil has stopped being homeless we’re going to get more regular, and drastically improve the quality of this podcast. Do not miss out!

Episode 32: Ben and Phil Catch Up

This week Ben and Phil take some time to catch up on each others lives and let you listen in. Ben doesn’t remember how to code. Phil is leaving PHP for Rails. They’re both moving again. Since we don’t have any cool tools to recommend this week you should buy our books to support the podcast: Building Secure PHP Apps - Ben Edmunds Build APIs You Won’t Hate - Phil Sturgeon PHP APIs and Security Bundle - Bundle of both books together

Episode 31: The One about Hot Dogs

This week Ben and Phil are joined last minute by repeat guests Kayla Daniels and Matt Frost. We talk waaaaay too much about hotdogs, Phil’s fun-employment, cocaine, and what’s new in PHP-land. The recommended cool stuff of the episode is: Dossier - super secret stealth mode project for managing talk abstracts No Capes - Live Interviews with prominent speakers, community members and package developers in the PHP Community WurstCon - The wurst conference in the US of A SideSwell - beautiful side project execution tool Treehouse - learn to program yo

Episode 30: Specs, Implementations, and New Engines OH MY!

This week Ben and Phil are joined by core PHP developer extraordinaires Andrea Faulds and Levi Morrison. We discuss the new PHP engine spec, various RFCs, and all things internals. Also PHP 6 is officially dead, let’s have a moment of silence.

Episode 29: Dont Mention PHP 6 v PHP 7

This week Ben and Phil are joined by long distance target shooter Paul M. Jones and the handsome man that is Daniel Lowrey, to talk about a whole bunch of PHP relating things. Paul has recently been talking a lot about “Action Domain Responder” which is billed as a more representative replacement of the often mis-used “Model View Controller” architecture. Luckily he does a good job of ELI5 so we don’t get too lost, and we talk a bit about how ADR helps with putting content negotiation in a logical place. Daniel then goes on to talk about a few awesome topics, including some of the OpenSSL changes in 5.6, and a HTTP server he is working on built entirely from PHP. It’s async, non-blocking and web-scale. We cover HTTP 2 and its effect on PHP, give some thoughts on PSR-7 HTTP Message, talk about Aura and finally when Phil could hold it no more, we had a big rant about PHP 6 v PHP 7 which - at the time - was still being voted on. The end result is of course that PHP 7 won. I know I said no further comment, but I’m definitely gonna keep posting funny shit I see about this. Article 1. pic.twitter.com/cznAZLKiSd— Phil Sturgeon (@philsturgeon) July 30, 2014 Anyway. Here are a few extra links. PHP RFC: Improved TLS Defaults PHP RFC: TLS Peer Verification Aura PHP Components Modernize Your Legacy PHP Application The PHP League Mailing List

Episode 28: Loosley Coupled Mashup

In this episode, Ben and Phil join forces with Loosely Coupled to talk about Open Source, burn out and briefly discuss their favorite open source projects. Jeff was out of action for a lot of it due to unexpected wifi troubles (in San Francisco of all places) so he sadly did not get to take part as much as he would have liked. Questions this time around: How do you deal nicely with someone who’s too reliant on you for solving problems and is too quick to ask you rather than figure it out themselves? – TazeTSchnitzel How do you guys explain OSS to non tech people? My wife finds it strange that I do work for “free” – Chuck Reeves As a contractor, how do you feel about “OSS” clauses (that your work can/will be open sourced) in contracts? – Davey Shafik If you aren’t following Jeff and Matt then definitely go and do that: Jeff Carouth Matt Frost The video is less edited than the audio, so download and listen for a slightly shorter and more relevant version.

Episode 27: Josh Lockhart and Jeremy Mikola

This episode is a long one, but we are back to improved audio and the video is not just one dude eating pzza for an hour. Josh Lockhart of PHP The Right Way and Slim fame, and Jeremy Mikola who is well known for banging on about clouds and playing magic the gathering. Oh, he also works for MongoDB. Warning: Puns and occasional swears. Some projects have been discovering they use language which can be offensive like master/slave. How do they deal with it, and how should they deal with it? We ask Joshua what the plans for are for Slim 3, and talk a bit about the differences between Slim and Silex. We also ask him about the history of PHP The Right Way: how it got started and how it has evolved over time with contributions and huge efforts from the PHP community. Phil rants about illuminate/pagination having hard dependencies and tries to make excuses up for not sending a pull request, then comically days later caves and sends a pull request. The whole gang discuss difficulties of managing pull requests, covering how to handle the expectations of the pull “requester” and the pull “requestee”, how to handle feedback and a few other bits and bobs. This is a fairly chunky episode but these guests were long overdue, and they’re such nice guys we had to chat and answer as many questions as we could. The Tale of the Wrecked Fire Engine The PHP League league/csv keboola/csv The video is less edited than the audio, so download and listen for a slightly shorter and more relevant version.

Episode 26: Hello Front Range!

The Front Range PHP user-group joins the show as a live audience for the episode 26, in a new crazy bonus format which Phil thought might be fun. The idea of the episode is for people to generally pick our brain about PHP and code and tech and things. It kinda worked but the sound quality was terrible. Sorry about that folks. They ask us a bunch of questions about how we got started in PHP. Picking a framework that would last 10 years for enterprise? How to migrate from CodeIgniter to Laravel? What do you use for integration tests? The video provides great insight into what you lot look like when you’re sat at a user group shoving pizza into your face, which we thought might be different for our viewers. That might also be a lie, and we accidentally left it on the wrong camera, but hey… there is a MP3 version too.

Episode 25: Girls Aren't Any Different

Talking about feminism in tech is always difficult. This episode was quite a heated discussion with Kayla Daniels and Jessica D’Amico discussing their opinions about women-orientated groups such as PHPWomen and Girls Who Code. Kayla wrote an excellent article titled Not a shiny unicorn, in which she made several points. “Somehow, [being female] means I am some kind of oddity. I’ve been met with skepticism, mistrust, and probably the most insulting reaction; complete shock and awe.” “If I’m offered something, I want it to be because of my accomplishments, and not my sex.” “Bottom line: Girls aren’t any different. We’re different because people keep making us different.” Essentially saying that specialist groups that try to help nurture female involvement can be seen - by some - to be a little patronising, like girls need special help, etc. Also whenever people freakout in the office because there is “a girl” there, things get weird. Suddenly swearing is completely frowned upon and people rush over to apologize to the nearest girl in earshot when it happens. These sorts of things have been noticed by Phil several times in his attending of conferences, workplace situations, etc, so it looked like an interesting topic to discuss. Now, we could of just invited Kayla on to talk about it but an hour-long episode of people sitting around agreeing with each other does not really make for a representative conversation, or interesting listening. Friend of the show Jess joined us, and she had some different opinions about the situation. Due to poor preparation on Phil’s side (he spent the two hours before the show cooking some epic dinner for his Dad after forgetting about the show) followed by some poor moderation Ben and Phil, the animated conversation was not the most productive that could have happened. Since then, several productive things have happened. Kayla has released an amazing site called Code Manifesto which addresses some of the points made. Furthermore, a site Phil forgot to mention entirely was Days Since Last Tech Incident, which is the answer to the question he asked: where can people find out more information about incidents so they can learn to keep an eye out for them, and attempt to help solve the problems or stop them happening again. Ben and Phil both apologize for poor moderation leading to a tricky episode, and we apologize for how long it took us to get the episode up. A further apology for the lack of video, but we had to edit this one a bit and the video didn’t make it.

Episode 24: But is it Web Scale?

This week Ben Edmunds calls in from Portland and Phil Sturgeon calls in from THE FUTURE. They are joined by Steve Corona to discuss Scaling PHP. Most of this conversation centers around Phil and Ben’s horrible facial hair with a few questions thrown Steve’s way to educate us on getting the most out of your LAMP stack. The main takeaways are to stop using Apache and to start using Postgres. Go buy Steve’s book Scaling PHP if you want to be Web Scale.

Episode 23: VirtPHP - Managing your Herd of ElePHPants

This week Ben Edmunds and Phil Sturgeon are joined by Jacques Woodcock and Jordan Kasper to discuss virtPHP. virtPHP is a tool for managing multiple environments on your development machine. It is similar to Python’s virtualenv or Ruby’s rbenv, but for PHP. Upcoming Conferences Phil will be speaking at PHP South Africa in April. Ben has no idea what he will attend this year. Jacques will likely be speaking at True North PHP later this year. Jordan will be speaking at jQuery UK in May and at Dutch PHP in June.